GRI Disclosure Requirement 201-1.A - Direct economic value generated and distributed (EVG&D) on an accruals basis, including the basic components for the organization’s global operations as listed below. If data are presented on a cash basis, report the justification for this decision in addition to reporting the following basic components: »
i. Direct economic value generated: revenues; ii. Economic value distributed: operating costs, employee wages and benefits, payments to providers of capital, payments to government by country, and community investments; iii. Economic value retained: direct economic value generated' less economic value distributed.
GRI Disclosure Requirement 201-2.A - Risks and opportunities posed by climate change that have the potential to generate substantive changes in operations, revenue, or expenditure, including: »
i. a description of the risk or opportunity and its classification as either physical, regulatory, or other; ii. a description of the impact associated with the risk or opportunity; iii. the financial implications of the risk or opportunity before action is taken; iv. the methods used to manage the risk or opportunity; v. the costs of actions taken to manage the risk or opportunity.
GRI Disclosure Requirement 201-3.B - If a separate fund exists to pay the plan’s pension liabilities: »
i. the extent to which the scheme’s liabilities are estimated to be covered by the assets that have been set aside to meet them; ii. the basis on which that estimate has been arrived at; iii. when that estimate was made.
GRI Disclosure Requirement 201-4.A - Total monetary value of financial assistance received by the organization from any government during the reporting period, including: »
i. tax relief and tax credits; ii. subsidies; iii. investment grants, research and development grants, and other relevant types of grant; iv. awards; v. royalty holidays; vi. financial assistance from Export Credit Agencies (ECAs); vii. financial incentives; viii. other financial benefits received or receivable from any government for any operation.
GRI Disclosure Requirement 201-4.B - The information in 201-4-a by country. »