GRI Disclosure Requirement 304-1.A - For each operational site owned, leased, managed in, or adjacent to, protected areas and areas of high biodiversity value outside protected areas, the following information: »
i. Geographic location; ii. Subsurface and underground land that may be owned, leased, or managed by the organization; iii. Position in relation to the protected area (in the area, adjacent to, or containing portions of the protected area) or the high biodiversity value area outside protected areas; iv. Type of operation (office, manufacturing or production, or extractive); v. Size of operational site in km2 (or another unit, if appropriate); vi. Biodiversity value characterized by the attribute of the protected area or area of high biodiversity value outside the protected area (terrestrial, freshwater, or maritime ecosystem); vii. Biodiversity value characterized by listing of protected status (such as IUCN Protected Area Management Categories, Ramsar Convention, national legislation).
GRI Disclosure Requirement 304-2.A - Nature of significant direct and indirect impacts on biodiversity with reference to one or more of the following: »
i. Construction or use of manufacturing plants, mines, and transport infrastructure; ii. Pollution (introduction of substances that do not naturally occur in the habitat from point and non-point sources); iii. Introduction of invasive species, pests, and pathogens; iv. Reduction of species; v. Habitat conversion; vi. Changes in ecological processes outside the natural range of variation (such as salinity or changes in groundwater level).
GRI Disclosure Requirement 304-2.B - Significant direct and indirect positive and negative impacts with reference to the following: »
i. Species affected; ii. Extent of areas impacted; iii. Duration of impacts; iv. Reversibility or irreversibility of the impacts.
GRI Disclosure Requirement 304-3.D - Standards, methodologies, and assumptions used. »