Sustainable Development Target 17.14

Enhance policy coherence for sustainable development

Indicators for target 17.14

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IRIS metric (OI7860) - Wastewater Treatment Compliance »
Indicates whether the organization's practices related to discharge of wastewater comply with local legal requirements.
Sectors: Environmental Policies | Section: Operational impact | 7 related metrics in other taxonomies

IRIS metric (OD4108) - Environmental Impact Objectives »
Describes the environmental impact objectives pursued by the organization. Select all that apply: - Biodiversity conservation - Energy and fuel efficiency - Natural resources conservation - Pollution prevention & waste management - Sustainable energy - Sustainable land use - Water resources management"
Sectors: Impact Objectives | Section: Organizational description | 6 related metrics in other taxonomies

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IRIS metric (OI6370) - Employees Dedicated to Social and Environmental Performance »
Number of full-time equivalent employees dedicated to managing social and environmental performance during the reporting period.
Sectors: Employees | Section: Operational impact | 3 related metrics in other taxonomies

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