Sustainable Development Target 15.7

Take urgent action to end poaching and trafficking of protected species of flora and fauna and address both demand and supply of illegal wildlife products

Indicators for target 15.7


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GRI disclosure (304-4) - IUCN Red List species and national conservation list species with habitats in areas affected by operations »
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IRIS metric (PD4686) - Livestock/Fish Type »
Type of livestock product(s) produced by the organization during the reporting period. Select from the options in the Excel Reference List tab.
Sectors: Product/Service Information | Section: Product description | 5 related metrics in other taxonomies

IRIS metric (OI1618) - Threatened Species Policy »
Indicates whether the organization implements policies to protect the threatened species that reside in habitats affected by the organization's operations.
Sectors: Environmental Policies | Section: Operational impact | 5 related metrics in other taxonomies

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