GRI Disclosure 306-5

Water bodies affected by water discharges and/or runoff

Reporting Requirements for Disclosure 306-5

The reporting organization shall report the following information

Water bodies and related habitats that are significantly affected by water discharges and/or runoff, including information on: »

i. the size of the water body and related habitat; ii. whether the water body and related habitat is designated as a nationally or internationally protected area; iii. the biodiversity value, such as total number of protected species.

Please see the General requirements for reporting the management approach

When compiling the information in Disclosure 306-5, the reporting organization shall report water bodies and related habitats significantly affected by water discharges and/or runoff that meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Discharges account for an average of five percent or more of the annual average volume of the water body;
  • Discharges that, on the advice of appropriate professionals, such as municipal authorities, are known to have or are highly likely to have significant impacts on the water body and associated habitats;
  • Discharges to water bodies that are recognized by professionals to be particularly sensitive due to their relative size, function, or status as a rare, threatened, or endangered system, or that support a particular endangered species of plant or animal;
  • Any discharge to a wetland listed in the Ramsar Convention or any other nationally or internationally proclaimed conservation area regardless of the rate of discharge;
  • The water body has been identified as having a high biodiversity value, such as species diversity and endemism, or total number of protected species;
  • The water body has been identified as having a high value or importance to local communities.

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