GRI Disclosure 306-1

Water discharge by quality and destination

Reporting Requirements for Disclosure 306-1

The reporting organization shall report the following information

Total volume of planned and unplanned water discharges by: »

i. destination; ii. quality of the water, including treatment method; iii. whether the water was reused by another organization.

Please see the General requirements for reporting the management approach

When compiling the information specified in Disclosure 306-1, the reporting organization shall:
  • exclude collected rainwater and domestic sewage from the volume of planned and un-planned water discharges;
  • if it does not have a meter to measure water discharges, estimate the volume of planned and unplanned water discharges by subtracting the approximate volume consumed on-site from the volume withdrawn as specified in Disclosure 303-1 of GRI 303: Water.

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